Bridges Mathematical Art Exhibition 2013: Octahedral Adventure, Triangular Wriggle, Enschede, Netherlands, July 27-31.

Bridges Mathematical Art Exhibition 2014: Missing Tetrahedron, Seoul, Korea. August 14 to 18

Seul2014-01 Seul2014-02 Seul2014-04

Bridges Mathematical Art Exhibition 2015: Möbius Discrete Ring, Baltimore, Maryland, US, July 29 – August 1.

Neuquén Contemporáneo – Energía: Möbius Discrete Ring, National Museum of Fine Arts, Neuquén, Argentina, 20th November 2015 to February 2 , 2016.

100_1978 100_1987

Individual show, “ MATESCULTURAS”, Room Emilio Saraco, Neuquén, Argentina, February 5 to 28. 2016.

2016 National Academy of Sciences. Córdoba. Argentina

2017 Organization of Ibero-American States. Cultural Space Bs. As.

2017 National Academy of Sciences. Córdoba. Argentina.

2017 National Museum of Fine Arts, Neuquen, Argentina. Contemporary  Neuquen  Art Exhibition  3rd Biennial 2017

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