Roberto Luis Giardili. I was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1942. Before graduating as an Electronic Engineer, I worked on both applied mechanics and mechanical design. Later, I developed an extensive professional career, mainly focused on electronic design, while teaching at university level. In my late forties, I started to study Fine Arts becoming a Sculpture Professor in 1998. It was not until my retirement that I started to developed sculptures based on mathematical concepts. The whole process is hand-crafting, meaning that I construct the sculptures as well as the necessary tools to realize these sculptures.


Sculpture Professor, 1998, Superior National Institute of Arts (INSA), Río Negro, Argentina.
United Nations Scholarship programmes (electronic courses), 1980, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, United States.
Electronic Engineer, 1968, National Technological University (UTN), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Group exhibitions

_Contemporary Neuquen Art Exhibition 3rd Biennial 2017. Dec.2017 to Feb 2018.

_Organization of Ibero-American States. Cultural Space Bs As. Exhibition of selected works contest 2017. Dec 6 to 22, 2017.

_National Academy of Sciences (Cordoba, Argentina). Cycle : Art and Science.  22 April / June 24. 2016

_National Museum of Fine Arts, Neuquen, Argentina. Contemporary  Neuquen  Art Exhibition  2nd Biennial 2015.  Nov 20 2015 to Feb 5  2016.
_Bridges Gallery 2016. Jyväskylä, Finland
_Bridges Gallery 2015. Baltimore. Maryland. USA.
_Bridges Gallery 2014,  Seoul, South Korea
_Bridges Gallery 2013. Enschede, Netherlands

Individual exhibitions

_MMBA. “Municipal Museum of Fine Arts”, Gral Roca (Río Negro, Argentina).
Exposition: “From Euclides to Mandelbrot”. May 18 to june 29, 2019

_National Academy of Sciences (Cordoba, Argentina). Exposition  ”From Euclides to Mandelbrot” . Nov 17, 2017 to March  5 , 2018.

_Room Emilio Saraco, Neuquén, Argentina, February 5 to 28. 2016


Awards: Bridges 2013, Award : Most Effective Use of Mathematics:

Mentions and citation

Artwork: Triangular Wriggle (2013), Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, Vol. 7: 3-4.

Artwork: Triangular Wriggle. Eureka, Annual Issue N° 63, 2014. Pg 1000101
Edited by “The Archimedeans” Cambridge University Mathematical Society

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